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The Royal Agricultural Society of England’s awards recognise leading individuals and organisations in agriculture.

All RASE awards are open to members and non-members, except the Long Service Award, where the nominator must be a member of the society.

In addition to each of the RASE Awards featured below, RASE we are delighted to nominate a regional agricultural society to host the Burke Perpetual Challenge Trophies each year.

The Burke Trophies are awarded for the best two animals of a breed – one male and one female – in the beef cattle section, for the best two females of a breed in the dairy and dual-purpose cattle section and for the best new implement showcasing agricultural innovation.

The Burke Trophies were introduced as a new award at the RASE Royal Show in 1951, to mark the occasion of Sir Roland Burke's retirement in 1950, after 20 years in office as Honorary Director of RASE.

Today, more than seventy years since the first presentation, the Burke Trophies remain the most prestigious cattle awards within UK farming.

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