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RASE Excellence in Practical Farming Award

The RASE Excellence in Practical Farming Award was created in 1999, specifically for farmers and farm managers who are setting a lead for others, as practical farmers, and who are willing to impart their know-how and encourage others to follow suit.

Recent winners include Rob Havard of Phepson Angus (2023), Edwin Taylor of Durhamfield Farm (2022) and Tim Maye of Pitt Hall Farm (2021).

Meet the sponsor

Trinity AgTech is one of three independent subsidiaries of Trinity Natural Capital Group.

The firm provides all farm sizes, farm types, and industry stakeholders, access to trusted, verified, world-class, prize-winning, new generation analytics for natural capital & profitability assessment, optimistaion, navigation, valuation and provenance reporting. Sandy thereby enables farm businesses to navigate through the new era of sustainable farming to find the best options and insights for their business.

Trinity AgTech is unique in incorporating the latest evidence-based science and best practice standards which use IPCC2019 methodologies and are compliant with GHG Protocol, STBi FLAG and ISO14064-2 and ISO14067 accredited.

Sandy users boost their farming and business resilience by credibly measuring and optimising all aspects of natural capital including carbon, biodiversity, water protection, agroforestry, and soils; thus understanding, quantifying, leveraging and evidencing their natural capital in a way that was hitherto inaccessible.

Sandy is also multi-lingual, used at scale by farmers and other stakeholders in the UK, Europe and beyond.


How to apply

Winners of this award are outstanding practical operators, using the latest science to inform their approach to farm management. They will consider many factors in their decision making, which may include making the best possible use of breeding and genetics, using precision agriculture techniques to improve margins and optimise yields, or considering the latest biodiversity, climate or soil science while making farm management decisions. They will be someone who makes informed decisions to improve the sustainability of the whole farm business.  

Complete this form to nominate yourself or someone else for the RASE Excellence in Practical Farming Award.

Award criteria

For a nomination to be considered the individual must be outstanding in their field and meet the following criteria:

  • Be an outstanding practical operator
  • Set a lead for others in their farming
  • Be willing to impart their know-how and encourage others to follow suit
  • Demonstrate good knowledge and understanding of agricultural science
  • Applying agricultural science to their farm management to make informed decisions that improve the sustainability of the farm business


The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 17th April 2024.

The 2024 RASE Awards ceremony will be hosted at Courteenhall Estate later in the year.

The winner will be awarded a medal and one year’s Fellow Membership to the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

Click here to nominate yourself or someone else.