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RASE Farm of the Future Award

New in 2023, the RASE Farm of the Future Award was established to promote and celebrate the trailblazers of agriculture in England, whose efforts are leading the way to establish agricultural systems which are producing nutritious food, benefiting the environment and are economically sustainable.

The award will celebrate an individual, farm business or organisation taking a pioneering approach to maintaining food production while responding to environmental challenges and ensuring business sustainability. Winners may be early adopters of new technologies or innovations, who are openly sharing their experience so others in the industry can learn from it.    

The first winners of the award were Paul and John Cherry, who were presented the award in recognition of how the Groundswell Event has become a ground-breaking initiative promoting regenerative agriculture and instilling confidence in many farmers to start their journey towards more sustainable farming systems. The ripple effect of this transfer of knowledge has been phenomenal.

Would your organisation be interested in sponsoring a RASE Award? There is a sponsorship opportunity currently available for this award - contact marthah@i4agri.org for more information. 


How to apply

The Farm of the Future Award will be presented to an individual, farm business or organisation successfully implementing strategies to address and solve the challenge of maintaining food production, reducing agricultural emissions, increasing farm biodiversity and ensuring business sustainability.

Complete this form to nominate yourself, another individual or an organisation for the RASE Farm of the Future Award.

Award criteria

For a nomination to be considered the individual or organisation must be outstanding in their field and be successful implementing strategies which:

  • Maintain food production
  • Reduce farm emissions
  • Contribute towards increasing farm biodiversity
  • Ensure farm business sustainability


The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 17th April 2024.  

The 2024 RASE Awards ceremony will be hosted at Courteenhall Estate later in the year.

The winner will be awarded a medal and one year’s Fellow Membership to the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

Click here to nominate yourself or someone else.