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Burke Trophies to be awarded at 2024 Royal Norfolk Show

Date Published: 20/12/2023

The Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association is to award the three Burke Perpetual Challenge Trophies at the 2024 Royal Norfolk Show.

The Burke Trophies will be awarded for the best two animals of a breed – one male and one female – in the beef cattle section, for the best two females of a breed in the dairy and dual-purpose cattle section and for the best new implement showcasing agricultural innovation.

Mark Nicholas, the managing director at the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association, shares that the show society is delighted that the Burke Trophies will be presented at the Royal Norfolk Show next year.

“As the country’s largest two day agricultural show we are honoured to bring the coveted Burke Trophies together and anticipate strong competition for all three.  The Norfolk Farm Machinery Club (NORMAC), a leading innovator in farm machinery solutions will be searching for outstanding new developments from commercial manufacturers. Meanwhile we know cattle exhibitors across the United Kingdom will be carefully selecting their show team in anticipation of taking home the much sought after dairy and beef trophies.”

The Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) chooses an agricultural society to host the Burke Trophies each year.

David Grint, CEO at RASE, says; “The Royal Norfolk Show does a fabulous job of promoting a better understanding of food, farming and the countryside among the visitors to the show, while attracting breeders with livestock of the highest calibre to the show rings.

“Naturally, we are very pleased that the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association will be awarding the Burke Trophies in 2024.”  

The Burke Trophies were introduced as a new award at the RASE Royal Show in 1951. The Burke Trophies mark the occasion of Sir Roland Burke's retirement in 1950 after 20 years in office as Honorary Director of RASE.

Today, more than seventy years since the first presentation, the Burke Trophies remain the most prestigious cattle awards within UK farming. The presentation of the Burke Trophies at the Royal Norfolk Show in 2024 will be the first time all three have been presented together outside of the RASE Royal Show.